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3 July 2013 0 Comments

Links vs. Penguin 2.0

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Because Penguin 2.0 hit the market causing a huge decrease not only in traffic and revenue but also in site reputation , I am bound to offer you guys some advice regarding links.

We are not selling links. We never actually sold just links but rather smart content written and posted in places where it could be indexed and create realistic traffic.

Regardless, because a bit of lack of vigilance and bulk campaigns we also hit the spot of losing traffic on our very own blog network exactly because Penguin 2.0.

Why did that happen?

Links did not die but they simply decreased in generating traffic. The culprits were bookmarks without added reviews, links posted on forums and the worst of the worst blog comments and exchange links.

How did we fix the issue?

Well…not easy at all.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to rescue your site from the Penguin 2.0 carnage.

  • Keep links white hat (no links from domains outside Google indexing, spammy sites or pages, unrelated topic sites, link networks, comments, low page rank sites)
  • Honest , high quality content ( no recycled articles, no blog posts with just pics and nothing else, no guest blogging on sites or blogs that are not relevant to your niche)
  • Accurate social networking ( don’t just stick to a Facebook page and wait for miracles, use Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, What’s Up…etc)
  • Make it RELEVANT ( no more links for the sake of links , make the most of your content, be careful where you post it, get the traffic that is relevant for Google and Google won’t punish you)
  • No more bulk marketing ( be smart and stay away from people offering you 50k of Facebook fans weekly or even worse, Google page rank 1 in 2 weeks – these and so many more bring huge penalty)


Treat your site as if you treat your home. I am sure you would not want mice, rats and bugs all over your stuff so stop trying to get money by spreading bad quality material all over the web.

21 February 2012 0 Comments

Why Should You Link First Pages to Blog Posts?

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The answer is rather simple.

Most of the affiliate marketing sites severely hit by Panda tend to add a blog to their interface.

A piece of content however pertinent, informative and brilliantly written with a minimum density of keywords ( Google no longer likes a certain density …also curtsy of Panda) is indeed priceless but if you just put it there not linking it to your main page the odds of it generating a sale are of 1% for each 100 readers.

This way they get both Google attention since new content is something Google loves ( in spite of whatever forums talk about), and keep the users enticed enough to come back for more info.

This is very similar to setting up a net to catch the unknowing user and tempt him or her to eventually skip over the infamous bounce rate all sites fear and click on the main page and …oh yeah! – Buy your mighty product.

So let’s clear the matter:

This blog post came to be out of the need of explaining to the general online entrepreneur why is blogging an efficient tool when linked to a site.

Normally , about 90% of the web content is more or less recycled. This is why you should not look at a rewritten news as new content regardless how well you rewrote it.

You will ask: How does linking to the main page help?

DUH! The average reader is also a compulsive clicker, especially when he or she looks for something particular and this is why your main page linked to a certain word ( NOT keyword) or even better, an entire sentence ( MAKE the sentence pertinent) will get you organic trafficto the page that actually sells something.

I actually laughed pretty hard the other day when I heard that one of our clients was recommended by a “SEO specialist” to not link the post from his blog to the main page offering the service that is supposed to get him cash.

I mean…what kind of SEO specialist, disregards the basic interlinking rules?

Keep in mind you guys : Google might have changed the rules as content goes but it kept the search based analytics untouched. So interlink your pages and be smart while you are at it.

In the end traffic is all about making money online.



10 August 2011 0 Comments

New Sites and How to Earn from Adsense

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The freelancing sites are filled with the oddest combination of outsourced jobs, however the oddest type of gigs I’ve stumbled upon recently is something like this: “ I want an Adsense sit able to earn $40 /day”


You would say, nothing dumb about it, but you could not be more wrong.


Adsense earnings, Adsense rules and pay-per-click program are perhaps the oldest earning stream online , however in spite of that it is also the most difficult to earn from.


People often live with the impression that once they set up a blog/ site and posted a few articles or posts they can simply slam a few ads and the money will come. The truth is that this may happen accidently but it does not mean that it is a rule of online earning.


The big Google rule regarding Adsense is that Google will always protect its own.

The beauty of the rule lies in the ultimate truth that makes a site carrying Adsense ads more eligible for ranking than one without these ads. It is logical that, if Adsense approved your site, it will implicitly be interested for those ads to be viewed.


Here comes the secret. Yes… Google cuts you some slack and gives a hand with 10% of the indexing because you carry Adsense ads. However this is a short grace period and that is mostly related to how much work you put in a site.


A new site will never earn $ 40 /day. Not only that such an affirmation defies the logic of everything ranking stands for but it also involves automatic submission which will ultimately get the site banned from Adsense world.


Tool 1: Content


The secrets of making a site earn through Adsense is actually not a secret.

Content is the main tool and since Panda algorithm pretty much buried the content farms of the web, getting a site earn via content is quite tricky.


The main issue here is not the text extent, nor is the amount of words an article has but rather the amount of people willing to read it.

In order to get readers, you need to offer them info. Quality content is not just about SEO, but rather about keyword optimized LOGIC.


You have to make sense with your content and stuff like : “The shoe cables a repent reward near the visible “ will not do.


Offering cool stuff , explained properly and most of all properly discussed and informative enough to get the attention is the only type of content to get you money.


Tool 2: Organic links


Do not make the mistake to assume that directory submission, forum spamming, and blog commenting are enough to be considered online marketing.

Organic links are the links able to drive traffic endlessly and they involve a lot of attention and most of all an active presence in the online community.


For example : you can do bookmarking from a 1000 of fake accounts, the result will be …0. The secret is to be there, to focus on what other people post, to entice their curiosity and to add an opinion to the bookmark. That is the secret of organic online marketing.


Tool 3: Facebook notoriety


Fans, Fans, Fans…


They are sold by the 1000 and if you take a look at work for hire sites , you will see that you can get them quite cheap. Why do you want Facebook fans for? Good question…notoriety of course.


Leaving aside how dumb actually is to create a page and build thousands of fans ( fake without a doubt) without a special purpose , let’s focus on the result of fan pages.

Most affiliate marketing sites create a Facebook page in the hope that the page will get them fans and …SALES.


You have to realize that a Facebook page , gets you TRAFFIC,RANKING and BRANDING.

And that is mostly it.


An Adsense site will most definitely make use of a Facebook page, provided this page will be updated daily and the site will grow in dependable content.


Bottom line …Adsense income exists, however getting to it is a little bit more complicated than you may think so.

18 April 2011 0 Comments

The Do follow links and the Google search

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Since the bookmarking process has pretty much conquered the online advertising there is a lot of talk about the infamous “do follow” links.

 Everybody loves them, everybody orders them and all online marketing companies, us included, use them to market products or sites.

The tricky thing is …not all of them work. The webmasters doing their best to get an income out of their sites surf the webmaster forums looking for a viable answer for the most viable question: what makes a link survive long enough to be indexed by the relevant search engines.

So many bookmarking sites are aligned in various lists which you can find all over the web being rated by the page number they put the link on via the Google search. However, Digg for example – rated with PR8 can might as well get your link nowhere.

Like it, so many other high rated bookmarking sites can do exactly the same thing making webmasters think that they must have done something wrong.

You would say that virtually there is nothing wrong you could do provided you put the link, associate the keywords and add most of post in the right section. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the process and naturally you would expect the link to be followed.

The tricky part comes when the one posting the bookmark forgets about the obvious. The links might stay alive but they will never generate traffic or upgrade the site’s page ranking unless they are voted.

No bookmarking site will put on the first page a link you just posted and forgot there. The whole point of bookmarking is to develop social networks and encourage communication among people. No matter how elaborate the strategy is, if the links don’t get feedback from the other folks spending time on social bookmarking sites they will never become backlinks to the site.

The secret lies in making the link special? You will say easier to say that to do.

Years of experience taught us that a smart, slick, review style description, will most likely get people browsing the networks via keywords based search interested on clicking the link and vote for it.

27 February 2011 0 Comments

Blog reviews vs. Article marketing

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Most of us trying to discover the perfect recipe for alive indexed links so the web crawlers would help our sites rank high fast in Google are focusing on all the possible SEO measures present on all the sites selling SEO.

The purpose of these postings is ultimately staying there long enough so the Google crawlers would index them.

We all know content is king. And it remains king as long as it is original, SEO optimized and brilliant enough to inform or inspire.

However… a lot of webmasters seem to linger between the many ways of selling something via content. They do this for so long that they seem to forget something very important: among keywords, Google algorithm and SERP, content remains the single thing generating traffic because of value.

Blog reviews have been around for a few years now. An esteemed blog would charge a decent amount of money to review a certain type of business or site, thus creating backlinks to that specific business or site.

Article marketing and by it the article submission does exactly the same thing the difference is that this type of content is flooding the article directories.

How do both help the position in the search? Well we’ll not repeat the same info everybody knowns but explain something more important.

Google ranks Ezine and the likes of it because Google likes content. But the extent of the Google preference extents only so far.

Do not make the mistake to make your content look like a mirror of the article directories. Yes the search, finds them, but how many people recommend those articles further?

The content will get traffic because of the people who actually read it. Look at it as if it was your very own chance to speak to the world,

The content will sell to those who understand and appreciate it. In order for them to do so they need to relate to it.

A blog can review you. It can have a very good position, but are you sure you want to be put in the same place with so many others like you?

Get articles published but be aware that if they are not read they will not stay in the search.

You want to use the content for marketing? Then do not stop at publishing it.

Go ahead, advertise it, place it on the social networks, bookmark it, make it public. If you have something to say to the world than go ahead and say it…but make sure you are saying it loud enough to be heard, smooth enough not to be annoying and most make it speak to the right people who would use and appreciate it.

3 January 2011 5 Comments

Train yourself to make money

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First we humbly apologize for letting you guys asking for a new post. We did not bail from the advice blogging world but as we said, building a business is like building a house. It takes dedication, time and most of all accurate planning.:)

So here goes the post most of our readers expected

As making money online goes, the possibilities are endless provided that one would dare and see the challenge as his or her right to be instructed.

The right way to approach an online business is actually the only way to create a revenue stream out of it.

So before you market a product make yourself worthy to be marketed.

Nobody was born knowing everything and the truth about making money online is that nobody actually teaches you how to make them.

However, getting training and developing the vision on how to do things is the right way to go.

If you are a professional blogger or you decide to become one, consider your readers before consider the topic. Focus on creating value for the niche you are covering.

Example: if your blog is a travel blog make sure you come forth with a different perspective. Write about Egypt but not about the pyramids. I think you know what we mean.

If you own a site, get on learning about marketing it. Do not settle with automatic software and mysterious traffic increase of endless numbers of worthless visitors. Spamming is something everybody does eventually but advertising should go further than this.

What does this mean? It means being somebody.

You, “John Smith” must be unique. Unique as vision, as strategy, unique as approach.

The current trends in online marketing were not simply born overnight.

Bookmarking is part of social networking but not the same with it. The higher the crowd you address as a network user, the better the odds to get the link you post indexed.

Blog commenting is a waste of time especially if you place spam comments on not related posts or sites.

The list can go one but the bottom line remains: GET TRAINING.

Learn the trade in order to use it. If you cannot afford the services of a professional marketer you must be prepared to sacrifice time and effort.

We promote a huge number of sites and we train many people on a daily basis. We do this to prevent disasters of money being spend trying to crack the complex nutshell that is online marketing.

2 December 2010 48 Comments

Backlinks efficient or not?

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The so called viral marketing is mostly based on “virally infecting” the social media and basically the web with a certain piece of information.


It may sound vial, nasty and spamming but actually it isn’t.

The concept of backlinks in not exactly new and online marketing both whitehat and blackhat has been using it for quite a while but beyond the “talk” nobody actually takes the time to evaluate them.

Baklinks are pretty much like…the Chinese drop.

If posted in small quantities in the same place over and over again, they would force the birth of a steady stream of active leads that will bring traffic to your site and of course with traffic they will bring sales.

However in large quantities the backlinks posted all at once can do a lot of damage.

Here is a very realistic example:

An affiliate arcade game site, SEO optimized looking desperately to get subscriptions and players took on the “smart” challenge of creating a huge flood of backlinks via automatic bookmarking bots.

Since bots like any automatic software are focused on generating and posting automatic links based on certain keywords or parameters that the user inserts, the links were posted everywhere. As a result, the social media the types of blogging platforms, forums, social bookmarking sites and social networking platforms were flooded by spamming comments and links :simple …annoying …and sometimes completely not related to the topic they were posted on…


You can imagine the result: every time a user is annoyed by such a comment, the natural instinct is to report it, and trust us when we say it that they do.

Statistically 97% of these links die within 24h and are completely responsible for the ranking of the sites going down.

We have seen users complaining about not understanding why their place in the Google search does not move from a certain position. They are more every day and they all make the same mistake forgetting that the target is a steady growth and not a miracle.

The bottom line is: advertise the natural way, post your links manually on places completely related to the niche you are advertising. Explain, advise , elaborate and do not try to trick people on following the links.

If you make the posting look interesting they will click on the links and give you the traffic you want.

19 November 2010 232 Comments

How should you use social networking promoting online

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These days a smart book on getting 3000 fans on Facebook  in no more than 30 days, came on our attention and we must say that it made perfect sense at the first glance.

Structured info and well drawn out plan made quite a bewitching and realistic piece of work .

But again we hit the wall when matching it to a certain aspect which brings us to one of our previous posts: Why would one need 3000 Facebook fans?

You would say Facebook fans get likes, likes improve SEO, SEO gets traffic, traffic gets sales . Or is it?

Let us explain a very basic principle.

There are micro-work sites the type of Webeserve.com where you can pay a few dimes to get you 1000 likes a day. It is cheap and extremely stupid.

Sorry for being harsh but we looked into the matter and had to fix a disaster caused by this strategy. Imagine that in the world there are hundreds of thousands of people desperate enough to get FB accounts up and running and use them to like other FB pages for 0,01/like.

Those desperate people do not get you traffic because no matter how many likes you get the FB accounts used exclusively for spamming the network are tracked and buried from the search.

Keep in mind that a FB account used only to post advertisement of operated online marketing without using interaction, personal approach, realistic image is bound to get banned. The number of advertisements should be about 2% from the total number of posts and all FB posters have noticed that lately FB reduced the number of people you can add especially because they focus on letting you reach to the people you know.

How do you fix that? BE PATIENT, BE PERSONAL, BE SMART.

Focus on getting friends, real people, interested in real things. Nobody is on FB with the specific purpose of buying stuff no matter how amazing. They are there to meet people.

Do not push the product in their face , suggest it, talk about it, discuss the possibilities , keep them interested.

Focus on long term result and you will have it sooner than expected.

16 November 2010 118 Comments

Boost your sales by being smart

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We were asked why we chose to do online advertising without using automatic posting, software generated links etc…

The answer is very simple. People are the ones buying and using the products so people should be the ones we address.

Random links, no matter how perfectly optimized will get people to your site but will not convince them to buy your product so here goes the first of the series of posts discussing sales.

NO Sales are generated from pushing the public.

Online marketing was basically focused on getting visitors to a page so when you are in a business that requires immediate sales to exist the whole point of online marketing is to expose your products to a public that would eventually buy them.

Consider that in affiliate marketing businesses focused of selling products for every site selling those products there are another 5 to 100 sites  doing exactly the same thing.

So taking for example the diet pill business, the types of Acai Berry, natural supplements, appetite suppressers …etc, being different is everything.

The web is flooded by the business so it is only natural that in order to boost your sales you would want to promote and get out from the crowd so the secret is to get the attention without looking you are trying too hard.

Manipulating the people is not something you would want to do. It will generate short time effects and you would want a long term one and a steady income stream.

So here is an interesting approach you should try:

Focus on a product package whether that package is a discount, a bonus or something extra.

Make the offer slightly different and make it look unique by the way you sell it. Post on social networks describing benefits. Get the public in touch with all the relevant information regarding your product. Make them pay attention at the result rather than the process.

Create an image and turn the product into a target not a means to an end.

10 November 2010 27 Comments

Sales equal quality writing

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For about 5 years of constant blogging and article writing for hire we have witnessed the very best of what unreasonable content requests can put a writer through.

What is important when you purchase content is to agree with whoever is writing it on the particular things you expect from them.

Of course that everybody imagines that good writers are easy to come by but is not exactly so.

Writing perfect grammar, accurate English is not what a writer is made of.

Creating the true valuable content for a site is integrating keywords in a natural word flow, a spectacular style and a unique approach.

You will ask how to do that. So here are the tips:

Pick a person able to wing the niche you need content on out of 2 keywords and an idea. The true writer will not mess up the future reader’s mind with words.

A true writer will develop the idea and sell it.

For example when selling a delicate niche the type of payday loans a content must never sound like : “ We can offer you a helping hand whenever you are in need of quick cash for unfortunate events the type of a medical emergency”

Bad idea to make people think you prey on they unfortunate situation.

Put it more like: “The program will get you the cash you need when you need it because we are here to help. We have been there, and had the same cash problems. Well…we are only human so we know that faith challenges you financially sometimes. This is why we chose to be in this business”.

The approach looks like a personal opinion, not a sale letter bought for a dime.

When creating content do not let it sound like a trap ready to catch the unknowing client. Make it clear, understandable , warm and like coming from experience.

The content must sound like talking about something new, unseen and unheard of. You will say it is impossible but we will say it isn’t.

Sell affiliate marketing like you would sell a cake. Focus on being needed and you will get clients.

Do not treat the public like prey and you will get clients that respect you and recommend you further.

Cash is important but a steady stream, a positive image and positive feedback will get you the future clients that will make the business grow.

Write it like you mean it and it will sell itself.